Friday Five

1. I haven't run in almost two weeks. I'm scared to run. I'm scared of knee pain. Tomorrow. I'll run tomorrow. Really. Tomorrow.

2. I have been riding my bike quite a bit. I rode both saturday and sunday--30 miles each day. I also rode on the trainer on Wednesday morning--watched Spinervals DVD on endurance but only did 30 minutes or so. It was too boring. Maybe another dvd will be better.

3. I'm still trying to work out the swimming thing for the winter. New aquatic center opened nearby. But it is opposite direction from my work and traffic is awful before work. There is a gym I want to join that is near my work but it is $134/month. A bit pricy. I'm still trying to figure this out.

4. I joined a cycling group called Ophir Milan. They are hard-core. I hope I can keep up with them when we ride.

5.I bought the OPHIR jersey and shorts. I also tried on an OPHIR tank. Hubby said it wasn't very flattering to my figure since it shoved all my back fat to the side.. uhm. Yeah. thanks.


  1. That's a horrible picture! It looks like she has boobies on her back!

    Let us know how that run goes!

  2. great job on joining the cycling team. It will only make you stronger!!!

    Words to not express how badly that girl needs a friend.

  3. That pic is disturbing to look at, my heart goes out to the girl.

    Good luck with running and I hope you are free of pain!

  4. The pic cracked me up!!

    I was actually thinking about joining that cycling group as I would like to have a group of people to ride with. I will be curious to see how you like it.

    Don't rush back into the running if you don't feel ready - you don't want to be out any longer than you have to.

  5. Saw that picture at Dlisted. So disturbing. Sadly, it did make me feel tons better about myself though.

    Hope the running went well!

  6. I agree, spinnervals (and carmicheal) DVDs are boring. I only use them if I am doing intervals. If it is an endurance ride on the trainer, I go to Redbox and get an appropriate length DVD that has closed captioning. I put it on and set up the closed captioning (because I don't want the TV blasting over the trainer) and I am good to go.


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