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Post problem

I’ve started, edited and scrapped at least 5 posts over the last few weeks. I can’t believe that anything I want to write about would seem remotely interesting to anyone other than me. Topics of posts include:

The status of my San Francisco Marathon Training

The status of my Run on the Sly 50k training

Is it finally Cadel Evans’ turn to win the Tour de France?

The effect of 50k training on domestic bliss.

My bookshelf contents—Do I have a problem?

Caring for an elderly parent: The “do’s” and “don’ts”

How to keep your sanity when you are surrounded by idiots.

My ultimate dream: Sierra Nevada Trail Runs 50-miler or American River 50-miler.

Are successive migraines an excuse for murder?

Sorry I never could focus on one idea long enough to actually write an entire post so here are 3 sentences on each topic.

Status of my San Francisco Marathon Training—Going very well. Managed my 20 mile long run in a decent, although slower than normal time. This week caught either a cold/fever, had a reaction …