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Not sure what to do and I need your help desperately

I'm really good at beginning things. I've nicknamed myself, "A million
little hobbies". I start lots of things. I have a hard time finishing
things I've started.

Knitting. Check.
Crochet. Check.
Quilting. Check.
Triathlon. Check.
Grad School. Check.
Swimming. Check.
Biking. Check.
Running. Check.
Writing. Mothering. Wife-ing. Vegan-ing.
Check. Check. Check. And Check.

The list could continue. I'm now faced with a serious dilemma and I
really don't know what to do. I need suggestions.

I must complete something. At least one thing and I need to chose which one.

I have to reconstruct a good portion of my thesis. That takes time. A
lot of time. Especially on weekends. I could use all the time I spend
running to write and re-write and re-construct.

And yet I committed (to myself) to doing California International
Marathon (CIM). Really committed. I've been training well and
consistently up until last month when I was sidelined with
injury/illness. I've lost a l…

Let it Whip

Whip it baby.. whip it right.. whip it baby.. whip it all night..

--Dazz Band

The return of superfly!

I feel so great after my run today. I decided to go for 4 miles this morning.
Perfect 53 degrees. Shorts, shirt, gloves.

I did 4.5 miles in 42 minutes! I was so happy. Little to no pain in
the leg. Steady pace. Dazz Band's "Let It Whip" kept me going. At the
end of my run, Paula Radcliff spoke into my ear, "Congratulations!
You've recorded a new personal best for the mile." YEAH!

Tomorrow is either 8 or 9 miles in the a.m.

An Amazing Feat

So I just found out that our relay team (aptly named, "Is there beer
after this?") for Clif Bar Triathlon placed 5th in our category of
women's only relay. Whoo Hoo! I just got a little plaque saying, "5th
Place".. How exciting! And you know what's even more amazing.

I . Didn't. Even. Participate.

As you might remember, I crashed on my bike 4 days before ClifBar and
a broke rib. That put me out of contention for racing the running leg.
However, since I had already paid and since the cyclist ended up
running as well, "Is There Beer After This?" ended up placing 5th.
Each of us got a plaque. Someone said I should give two plaques to the
Biker/Runner, but she said she didn't want it.

I got a plaque, I got a plaque! :)

In any case, I finally placed in a race.