An Amazing Feat

So I just found out that our relay team (aptly named, "Is there beer
after this?") for Clif Bar Triathlon placed 5th in our category of
women's only relay. Whoo Hoo! I just got a little plaque saying, "5th
Place".. How exciting! And you know what's even more amazing.

I . Didn't. Even. Participate.

As you might remember, I crashed on my bike 4 days before ClifBar and
a broke rib. That put me out of contention for racing the running leg.
However, since I had already paid and since the cyclist ended up
running as well, "Is There Beer After This?" ended up placing 5th.
Each of us got a plaque. Someone said I should give two plaques to the
Biker/Runner, but she said she didn't want it.

I got a plaque, I got a plaque! :)

In any case, I finally placed in a race.


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