Tommorow is another day

I approached todays ride witha bit of trepedation due to it being the first ride since the auburn tri three weeks ago. Gusty winds and 90+ degree weather further raised my anxiety. I took off with a friend and I am SO GLAD THAT I RODE MY BIKE!

I only managed a short 18 miles but I was so happy to get on my bike and ride in the sunshine. Riding buddy and I stopped at Folsom Bike and had a cool beverage. As we sat and chatted about riding bras, cycling computers, and our garmins. It was just so great to get out even for just an hour or so.

Tomorrow I start my long runs with the trail running class, coached by Uber Studs Tim Tweitmeyer and Mo Bartley. Tomorrow's run is just 5 miles but considering my lungs I think it will be a great run for me.

Run details on monday recap!


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