Tuesday Twenty-ish

  • I could get used to not doing anything ever. Since my illness, I’ve allowed myself to indulge in food and drink –drink is usually wine, but the 85+ degree weather the past few days truly creates a need for margaritas. Ice cold margaritas. I thought about trying the “Skinny Girl” margarita (no margarita mix, just soda water and the juice of 2 limes—only 100 calories) but honestly, that just doesn’t sound good. I’ve become a glutton. How do I know? I had a body fat test.
  • Percent bodyfat I was in high school (caliper test) –18 %
  • Percent body fat I thought I was – 24%
  • Percent bodyfat the electrical impedence machine measured me on June 6 –29.5%
  • Current BMI –25
  • Height – 5’2”
  • Weight – 112
  • That makes me approx 33 lbs of fat.
  • Husband’s response to my newly elevated percent bodyfat: “Stop eating so much crap.” Uh, no shit Sherlock. Obviously, dietary changes are not my forte.
  • Took RugRat#2 to see Bodies Revealed. She insisted on going and had been begging me to take her.
  • RR#2 fainted within 4 minutes of us entering the first gallery.
  • When she recovered she tried to go outside, took 5 steps and fainted again. I caught her in my beefy (and fatty) arms.
  • I wheeled her out in a wheelchair.
  • Bought her a milkshake and then she insisted that we go back and finish the tour.
  • I agreed but only after convincing her to allow me to push her in the wheelchair through the exhibit.
  • She did fine the rest of the time—had no problem looking at dissected lungs, smoker’s lungs, penis cancer, even embryos and fetuses (feti?). But the full bodies posing on the bike or holding a baseball bat were too much.
  • I have mixed feelings about visiting bodies revealed. On one hand, it is totally interesting and a view of humans that nobody ever gets. But despite Chinese Governmental insistence that these people died and had no relatives and donated their bodies to “science”, I never shook the feeling that I was visiting something akin to Dr. Mengele’s house of horrors.
  • One of my two dogs is getting very sick and old. She has kidney failure and there isn’t much the vet can do for her. She is still HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY ninety percent of the time but she is having more and more days where she doesn’t do a lot of fetching, begging or running.
  • I’ve decided that my next run is going to be a 5k called “Alzheimer’s Run” on July 24. I would like to do around 23 minutes for the 5k but we’ll see.

  • A quote from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby keeps going round and round in my head. Jean Girard saying to Ricky (after breaking his arm), “Your injury is one of Ignorance and Pride”.


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