Good Times at Diva Night-- Friday Five

  • Pic shows the fun I had a Diva night a few weeks ago. Even though they plied me with LOTS of red wine, I did NOT BUY ANYTHING at Diva Night. That's a first. I usually plunk down a good $200 on necessities (isn't everything a necessity when you are a little toasted?) like Hammer Gel and 4 pairs of biking shorts.

  • I had a DNF (or was it a DNS?) for my wednesday night run group.Obviously this illness is taking longer to shake than I anticipated.I dragged my carcass through the 2 mile warm up, did one slow (12+ min/mile) track lap and then walked back to my car. I didn't even get to the actual "workout" this week. My lungs are still pretty congested so I am taking time off until next Monday or Tuesday and I'll re-assess then.

  • Three people are pressuring me to try for an IM in 2011--IM Arizona to be exact. My dream is IM St. George (because I've always wanted to visit Utah's Arches National Park) but I don't know if I am ready to undergo the rigours of an IM schedule. Granted I wouldn't even have to start training until--well-- like a year from now, but the challenge sounds intriguing. "Karen, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!" Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

  • Because of illness, our 10 year anniversary was a bust. Boo. But we're trying to reschedule a nice night out on the town or in San Francisco at our fav restaurant, Millenium. Yea!

  • I've eaten McDonald's twice this week and I feel like a bloated, overstuffed pig. I need a good vegan raw food cleanse. Or maybe I should just stop eating crap.
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    1. Ugh...I'm sorry you're sick! That just sucks! I hope you feel better soon.

      I haven't ventured to the Ironman world yet (I have done a HIM though), but I know it's a lot of work. So, I think if YOU want to do an Ironman you should do it b/c you want to do it and not because people are pressuring you. Just my two cents! :)

    2. I agree with Aimee...the committment is so high (from what I nuderstand..I've not done one yet either)...but I do know it takes ALOTTA yeah - make sure U are definiteyl ready to's game on ocne U commit...

    3. Yes, don't let others pressure you into doing an IM before you're ready. It's a HUGE commitment both in terms of time training and family support. You gotta want it really bad for yourself, no one else.

      Hope you're feeling better soon!


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