Now What?

In 3 days I am supposed to run the Shamrockn' Half Marathon in Sacramento. I have been battling hip problems for nearly 2 weeks and had a run haitus for 10 days. My 3 mile run yesterday went very well. No pain, just a little stiffness this morning.

Now as I sit here, I am feeling a twinge of pain in the hip. Shit.

Should I run Shamrockn anyway? I don't know. I anticipated a nice little PR but now, that idea is out of the question I am sure. Maybe I should just skip the race and enjoy sleeping in instead?? Firm decision-making is not my forte obviously.

Last year, Shamrockn did not go well for me at all. I just didn't feel well and later that day realized I was coming down with the flu. Am I slated for another lackluster performance? Should I just dress up as a crazy leprechaun and enjoy myself and not worry about a PR?
No I wouldn't really wear this.. The wand is too heavy to carry..

I suppose I will just decide saturday night or sunday morning how I feel and plan my day accordingly.

Something to look forward to--I will be going to see Russell Peters live in Sacramento Sunday night. Nothing can cheer me up more than watching Russell Peters impersonate indian accents with gusto and verve.

And just for fun, I've include another clip. I am actually in the clip at time stamp :35. I went to this comedy show many years ago and you can see my reaction at his insistence that Indian Women are hairy.



  1. I saw you! This makes you famous now. That Russell dude is funny.


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