WTF is going on around here???

How can someone with no discernible ass have a broken butt???

I thought things were getting better after my 6 mile run. I thought I was smart to skip shamrockn and do an easy six miles on my own.

The next day I noticed a pain upon sitting at my chair at work. I emailed Dr. B Medicine Woman, "I am having some pain in my butt when I sit. Not even real pain, just feels like a bruise." I honestly thought she might say, "Oh this is a good thing!!! That means you are healing!!"

Yeah, not so much.

She wrote back, "Sounds like proximal hamstring tendinosis. You need to nip this in the bud very quickly before it gets out of hand."

Wait, what?

Then, "With all the icing you are doing you might want to consider taking a break from running for awhile." What's a "awhile".. "A few months!"

Wait, what the hell is going on? Only a few weeks ago I was doing great. Now, after ONE STUPID FALL, I NEED TO TAKE MORE TIME OFF THAN FOR A STRESS FRACTURE??"

Not happy. I spent most of last week laying in bed after work too depressed to do anything. I did my icing and my hip exercises but I wasn't happy about it. My poor family has been taking the brunt of my bitchiness these days.

I threatened them that I would start smoking, that I would only eat fast food, that I would never eat another vegetable. (Ok Ok, I'm a drama queen when upset). I would only watch Real Housewives of Orange County or other Reality TV shows.

The weekend was the worst. No plans, no running, nothing. Pain continued on and off.

I managed to get a bit of "FrostNip" on my ass from icing too much. Yeah, that's a visual isn't it?

Today, my ass doesn't hurt when I sit. My low right back is achy instead. I have an early morning appt with Dr. B., on thursday and another appt with the PT in her office the same day. "Eccentric exercises", she said would help.

I'm keeping my fingers, toes, and legs crossed hoping for a good result from my visit with her. I don't know WTF is going on around here, but it is time for it to move on...



  1. Jeez. That totally blows. I'm so sorry. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

  2. No one likes to hear those words. Especially with races on the schedule. I hope it heals quickly.


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