Suffer Well with Suffer-o-Rama

After work last night I rushed to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I ran smack dab into RR#2 who had cut track practice in order to hang out with her ugly BF. How happy was I?

After disconnecting her cell phone and lecturing her(unsuccessfully)on the evils of teenage boys, I made dinner, quickly ate, and then jumped on the bike trainer to do my 1 hour 5 min of intervals. I was slated to do 7X20 second spinups with 2 min rest between with a warm up and cool down but I decided to warm up on my own for 10 min then pop in the Suffer-O-Rama Spinervals DVD.


First off, it was a great DVD—I enjoyed it much more than “No Slackers Allowed.” There was a pool of sweat and water on the floor under my bike. The intervals are definitely hard—but the rest periods are great. I kept thinking halfway through a rest period, “there is no way I can keep going.” But by the end of the rest period, I was able to do the next interval. Coach Troy really kept me motivated and the music is much better than some other DVDs.

I finished my workout and then showered, watched the Biggest Loser and went to sleep. I was awakened by RR#2 and dad doing dishes at 10:30 pm. Really?

Then a big winter storm of rain & wind moved into the area at midnight. The rain pelting the bedroom windows, the wind slamming against the house woke me again and again. When my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. for my swim, I wasn’t having any of it. I hit my alarm clock to shut it off and rolled over. I woke up at 6, late for work and sad that I didn’t make it to the pool. Hphrumph!Perhaps I’ll make up the swim tomorrow morning.

On the brighter side, tonight is my first group run with FleetFeet FIT program and I am really looking forward to improving my run times and staying injury free. In terms of running, I have a new favorite Power Song--Suffer Well, by Depeche Mode is out. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is in. Yes I know you are all interested.

In any case, RR#2's ass is grass and she knows it. She tried give me the poopy face last night and was being super nice to me by offering to help with dinner and mop the kitchen floor. Ahhh, living with a teenage girl. The next 4 years are going to be fun.


  1. I remember I'd try to be nice to my Mama when I knew I was in trouble. She's milk it for all it was worth and then bring the PAAAAIN afterwards. Funny how that "being nice" bit never works.

    good luck with the group run

  2. wait is that really your kid ?? that photo is priceless. i have heard the spinervals are kick ass.

  3. You did suffer o rama right after eating dinner? I would of puked! That is one hellacious workout. (I love/hate coach troy!)

  4. Bad Romance is one of my FAVORITES right now!!

    I am really interested in FIT - I didn't know about it.


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