Three Things Thursday

1. Running Group was AWESOME!! I hate speed/track work, but with a group it was really fun and easier. We warmed up with a 2 mile run; did some drills (i.e. butt kicks, high knees, etc); did 1 mile of strides; then 2 mile run cool down. Someone told me that with this group, they improved their marathon time from 4:50 to 4:20. Holy SH!T!

2.I have been looking into the P90X system, but there have been so many bad reviews on that i'm a little scared to plunk down $100+ if the darn things don't work. Anyone have good experiences purchasing from Beachbody or Amazon?

3.Running Group schedule is a lot more intense than my Matt Fitzgerald schedule. Not sure if I should bring pick a different Tri Schedule with more running or if I should only do the run workouts that correspond to my tri schedule. Hmmm... decisions decisions.


  1. I'm an idiot. What exactly are strides?

  2. Strides (or striders or strideouts) are short, fast runs of between 50 and 200 metres. They are run at a "comfortable sprint" pace (i.e. as fast as you can go without tying up and losing good form.) A typical Strides Session might be 10 x 100m following a 30 minute easy run.

  3. i love running with groups for speed workouts...pushes you

  4. you can get p90x on ebay for about $75, new in box. i havne't yet decided!

  5. PS: stick with the Matt Fitzgerald plan for your half ironman. Can you replace one of his workouts per week for the running group workouts, but keep the others the same? I think that would be okay.


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