I am not....

I am not… a muslim. Not everyone with brown skin is a muslim. I am curious, if I was a muslim, would you treat me differently?

I am not…a mom in the traditional sense. I raise others’ children who I never gave birth to. They call me “mom”.

I am not… calm and serene.

I am not… an age-group placer in any race. I am slow and methodical and I like it that way.

I am not… an expert in yoga.

I am not… a conservative, even though I live in the most conservative county in California.

I am not…. a vegetarian, but I am trying to eat vegan as often as possible.

I am not.. more easily adapted to hot weather, just because I have dark skin and my family of origin came from a warm climate.

I am not… religious.

I am not… immune when you yell and spit at me and tell me to “go back to my own country.” I was born and raised in California—which country do you think I should go back to?

I am not…a bad driver.

I am not... unmoved by kind gestures.

Update: This link I saw today relates to some of the statements above. I feel really sad about it. Sorry to be such a debbiedowner, but here it is:


  1. WTF?! Who are these people who did this to you? I'll fly over and bitch slap them for you. A$$holes.

  2. this post seriously bums me out. :(


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