Assume = Ass out of U and Me

The last post was a free-thought experiment based on several experiences i had recently. What all the experiences had in common was that someone assumed something about me based upon how I looked or their perception of me. Some were scary, some were funny, and some were sad. Like the one about me adapting to heat better because of my family origin. This was the conversation:

Me: Gosh it is really hot today !! I didn't drink enough water and my running is suffering.

Him: Yes It is hot, I have a hard time running in the heat too.

Me: It seems to take me a few weeks of running in the heat to really get used to it.

Him: Oh, really? I thought that since you have dark skin you probably like running in hot weather and can do it better. You know, chasing after animals or something. I figured you hate cold weather.

Me: aaaahhhh...[crickets chirping]

If I could have, i would have shoved the guy, but that's not how I roll. Of course I didn't say, "Gosh" either, but I'm trying to clean up my language.

As a compliment to the last post, I would like to say things I am.

I am.... comfortable running in 35 degree weather.

I am ... happy to have a job that I understand and that pays me a good wage.

I am... good at math.

I am... happy to exercise my second amendment rights.

I am ... happy to exercise my first amendment rights.

I am ... an agnostic.

I am.... not very charitable to flaky people.

I am... running a 5k with RugRat #2 on Saturday. She wants to run one more 5k together before all her cross country meets start the following weekend.

I am... tired a lot more often than normal these days.

I am... already working on quilts for christmas.

I am... a lover of Edward Abbey books, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Ken Burns, Batik quilts, and Triathlete Magazine.

I am.... aware that none of the things in the item above seem to go together.

I am.... hoping to visit Utah someday.

I am....easily excitable.

I am... a history geek galore.


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