Boom and Bust

It's been a very long time since I've posted mostly because I didn't know what to write about. My life is so different than it was a year ago, I hardly recognize myself.

  • I am still not able to run. I've been to several doctors, PTs etc but to no avail. All diagnoses confirm the first --high hamstring tendinopathy. 
  • I've had several instances of grand improvement for a short time period (I.e. a few days) where I have no pain. 
  • Then I do something as simple as bend down to pick something up and my injury comes back along with the pain.
  • I feel like if I do heavy weights at the gym, the resulting muscle soreness diminishes my awareness of the tendon pain. 
  • MRI completely normal in September 2012
  • MWFSu I do core work from an iTunes App from "Daniel Miller"  
  • TThSa I do my PT exercises.
  • Somewhere during the week I do some weights at the gym
  • I ran on the treadmill 1 mile last week at 13:45 pace. I just went ahead and said "fuck it". My heart rate was 155 at the end of 1 mile
  • Listened to some podcasts by clinician Jill Cook specifically on HHT and I learned a lot about things I've been doing incorrectly for nearly a year,specifically stretching and compressing the injury. 
  • I am now using a Donut-of-shame
Believe it or not, I am more hopeful about this stupid injury that has sidelined me for so long. I see what I need to do to get better--it's just a matter of implementation. 


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