Funky Five Miler

Ran five miler around my neighborhood last night. It was hard, again up until the point I was about a mile from the house. Then I kicked it into high gear. It helped that "Slither" by Velvet Revolver popped onto my IPOD at the opportune moment.

47:03. That's 5 minutes slower than my 42:10 that I ran the same course last year. I suspect two things for the slower performance

1. I did not stop my IPOD whenever I stopped to stretch my calves, quads last night (twice). I think when I ran the 42minute time, I stopped my IPOD every time I had to stop and stretch.

2. When I ran the 42 minute time, I was in the thick of a prednisone induced rage. That makes me run fast and not care.

Any hoo-- Yesterday's time ends up at about 9:30 mile/hour. Not fast, not slow. I sprinted the last 400 yards--racing against my WP and beat her!!!! I can't believe it..She was ahead for about 300 yards and the last 100 I kicked it and passed her.

I'm pretty freakn sore today though. I'll drink a little Emergen-C today and hope to feel better. Have a 5 miler on Thurday and as a step back week, a 5 miler (long run) on Saturday.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I did go out and run but it was a easy run with your friend who isnt a runner kinda run (which is good because I had to slow down to catch my breath... a lot). Where is your pic taken? I love it! Good job on your run. I don't think you can use that time from last year if you were on a steriod rage and now your not. LOL

  2. I am struggling with my running this week... must be one of those weeks. I hope to get in a 5-7 miler this weekend as well. We'll see.

  3. The Pic at the top is White Mountain peak in the Inyo national forest in CA. I climbed it twice and it is one of the most beautiful places i've been. that's where I want my ashes thrown..


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