Tempo Run

Last night's tempo run was confusing. 6 miles total= warmup, 4 miles at 9:27 and cool down.

First mile (W/U) I did in 10 minutes.. No problem
Second mile (first of tempo) I did in 9 minutes 5 seconds..again, no problem.
Third mile (second of tempo) I did in ???
Fourth mile (third of tempo) I did in 9:15
Fifth mile (fourth of tempo) I looked at my watch and it said 49 minutes, which means probably 11 minutes?

I finished in 55 minutes, so if I do the math, that means I ran my cool down mile in like 6 minutes.?? That doesn't make any sense to me. I think that I really looked at Mile 5 (fourth mile of tempo) at the wrong time--I don't think it was 11 minutes, I think it was really probably closer to 9 and that I did the last cool down in near 8 minutes. Isn't that lame, that I do my cool down faster than the actual tempo work? that tells me that my brain is totally affecting my performance because I distinctly remember being really excited that I was close to the end and picking up my pace so I could get home for dinner. Next time I'll harness that excitement for the tempo portion of the run instead of the end. Apparently, Speggetti dinner and a glass of wine is a good motivator for me.

Tonight is a 2 miler and maybe a swim if I can get motivated. It is so dark by the time I get home from work that there is no way I can do a bike ride unless it is on the trainer (blah)so that will have to wait until the weekend.

Maybe I'll do a little yoga on friday morning too. Get my legs nice and stretched out for Saturday's 8 miler. I love this dvd --I can customize the workout to my liking --40 minutes is usually good for me, personally. Happy day everyone!


  1. Weird about that tempo run but at least you got out there and put some miles in. I think you may be onto something with that yoga DVD. I'm sure I'd be more motivated to watch/do one if it were set in Hawaii.


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