Floyd--EC extrodinaire

Ran 3 last night on the treadmill even though I had a horrific cold.

Feeling better today so I'm doing 6 tonight--1 mile w/u, 4 mile tempo at 9:27/mile and 1 mile c/d.

I have done 40 miles so far this month running and I need to make it up to 60 by saturday. So I'll do 6 tonight and 8 saturday which leaves 6 more to do between thursday and friday.. I'm going to try to make it--finger's crossed!

Just read velonews and saw that Floyd Landis and Ivan Basso are back racing --there's this other guy too--I think his name is Lance something? In any case, Picture of floyd is--well, perfect EC for me.


  1. FL, EC? Hey I can't see him that way, but then again I have gotten drunk with him a couple of times...


  2. Geez...60 by saturday? You go girl! I was hoping to get 40 miles this month, but with my shin/calf issue, I am done running for the month... I think. :)

  3. That's a lot of miles. And Floyd is back already? I guess doping in cycling isn't that big of a deal, afterall.

  4. Good luck with your running mileage goal. I actually don't find any pro cyclists to be really attractive physically but I do like watching them ride. So maybe they're EC after all?


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