Weekend Willies

Watched rugrat #2 do a duathlon on saturday. Out of 56 kids, she placed 6th. She is awesome! We also got to meet Shana Powless--just in case you don't know, Shana is like the big 14 year-old triathlon champion of the century. Shayna was at the kids du, not as a competitor (thank god) but rather as someone helping the all the little kids finish the race. She was encouraging all the kids and riding in the back to usher all the kids to the end. I took RugRat #2 over to meet her and they chitchatted a little bit.

Saturday late afternoon I ran 8 miles on the american river bike trail in 1:15-1:20. So that is around 10 minute miles the whole way. I'm pretty happy with that pace and If I am able to push it just a bit I might be able to break 2 hours for my next half marathon in March. That would be really great for me. I signed up for BeginnerTriathlete's "Bronze" level and have noticed that my run paces have started to get a little faster---Not a lot, but the Route history is showing me that my usual 3 miler in the a.m. is getting progressively quicker. That makes me feel AWESOME!

Today both RugRat#2 and I awoke with stuffy noses and headaches so yet another cold has crawled into our home. Of course hubby exhibits none of the lovely symptoms,due, in part (he says) to his "superior breeding." Whatever. Jerk, you can make dinner then.

Other than that just sitting and working on finishing touches to my thesis. I am trying to make sure I get all my citations JUST RIGHT--in the Chicago style. I've been through so many drafts that some of my stuff is messy or the citations are missing altogether. So doing a little digging to try to find them again. I hope to turn it in "FINALIZED" the first week of February.

Anyway, that's it for now. So proud of the rugrat for her accomplishment in the du. She told us that she definately wants a wetsuit and openwater swim lessons for her birthday so perhaps the triathlon bug has bitten her too! There are also several trial run/Races I am considering but part of me so enjoys just running on my own on the american river bike trail, that I am reluctant to trade that in for an anxiety filled morning racing people. We'll see. Tonight I will either hit the pool or ride the mountain bike on the super muddy dirt trails!!!



  1. Congrats to Rugrat (and to YOU!)

  2. Great run! you will definately hit the 2 hour mark on your half mary. Very cool for rugrat #2. I want my 8 year old to try a tri this summer. He showed interest last year but we were out of town. I'm looking forward to signing him up this year.
    I can't wait til your thesis is done too! what a weight off your shoulders that will be and a wonderful accomplishment.

  3. Awesome job, Rugrat!!

    And wonderful to hear you are on the final stretch with our thesis and that your running is going well. Enjoy those trails!

  4. OH wow!! CONGRATS to the RugRat! Definitely a killer job ;D ;D


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