Yoga DVD Review

Last night I did Shiva Rea Creative Core Abs DVD.

The DVD was pretty tough. There are three sections to the DVD-- I did only the first 8 minute section. I have a few observations.

DVD has some weird background funky indian psychedelic music. If you are into that great. If not, then select the "instruction only" option.

A lot of the "fluid" poses are, well, not something I would ever want anyone else to see me do. I mean there are several poses with my legs straight up in the air split in half, and then toss them behind your head. It's fine if I am alone, but I know I could never do this workout with someone else in the room.

Shiva Rea is inspiring but also very intimidating. She has NO FAT on her belly. And for someone who was recently nicknamed muffin top it gives me hope. But also want to punch her.

Be sure to have a really good thick mat or carpet under you when you do this DVD. There is a lot of time spent on the knees (stop snickering) and on the back (ok now you can laugh) and if you are anything like me, your bones start aching after a couple of minutes.

All in all this DVD left my abs a nice kind of sore this morning. As I progress to the more difficult sections of the DVD, I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Are those her abs on the front? Because yeah I'm with you. Total punch in the eye for that chick.


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