Good Eats. Good Fitness. Good Times.

Ok, I have to say several things are making me feel better about my injury.

1. It is projected that a rainy/stormy CIM. Check out for details.

2. I know other people who are having the same exact injury/issue and are just as frustrated. They also have the fun of being told in a public forum that they shouldn't run CIM. Check out Steve from Roseville's question here.

3. I ran 3 miles this morning in 29:10. I. kick. ass.

4. I have been biking like crazy. I'm getting a little faster. I look awesome in my new Ophir Milan kit. Knee warmers are on their way.

5. Life is good and shiny.

6. Thanksgiving went off without any problems. I stayed calm while I cooked a huge meal. Everyone loved it. I did a new turkey recipe and it turned out AWESOME. Even though she's a felon, Martha Stewart has some great turkey recipes.

7. I drank a lot of wine with turkey dinner.

8. I drank a lot of wine after turkey dinner.

9. RR#1 came over. We all got along fabulously. I realized, she doesn't have to agree with my viewpoint on every issue. We can be happy and ignore the differences.

10. Hubby and I getting along really really well. I mean really well. It's kind of a Romance Renaissance. After 10 years of marriage I guess things can re-bloom?


  1. Glad to hear that things are helping you feel better about the injury. Keep the wine flowing :)

  2. Good to hear things are on the up!!

    It better not rain Sunday!!!!!


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