The Biggest Loser is... me??

Last night on the Biggest Loser, the last four contestants ran a marathon.

Oh, you read correctly...


People, who barely moved except to get the remote control, just ran a marathon.

I've been trying for YEARS to run a marathon and I have not succeeded.


Hubby told me to turn it off because he could see, with my PMS looming, that it was going to end up an ugly week if I continued to gape at the TV.

Really? I don't begrudge these people because they were/are overweight. More power to them and I hope they accomplish every single one of their goals. I am frustrated that I train for years and can't do something that recently sedentary people can do after 6 months of training. What is wrong with me??? Am I a big loser?

The fastest --Rudy-- completed in 5:10 I think.. The slowest two took over 7 hours.


In any case, I signed up for two short races. Both are trail runs--6 miler on December 13th and a 10K on January 1.

Is it too early to think about racing again? Probably. But I've got to put something on my short term calendar or I'm not going to run at all.

And one last query--WHY oh WHY is the biggest loser on the channel next to the food network? I think it is a consipiracy... :)


  1. Remember that this was their JOB for a while. If you or I worked out 4-6 hours per day, think of where we'd be?

  2. Your post made me laugh. But I agree with Janyne, it is their job while they are on the show and those contestants have a lot of support and access to many resources. I bet you will get to do your marathon someday!

  3. PLUS you wouldn't really be happy with finishing a marathon in 7 hours, would you? I mean, finishing is finishing, even if it takes you days, BUT I bet they felt way crappier afterward than someone who runs/has been running for a while.

  4. I saw that on the BL last night and thought to myself, when will I be able to do such a distance?! I was secretly jealous! LOL.

    Looks like you have a couple good races coming up! Wahoo!

  5. Like others said - if you worked out 8-10 hours a day for 3 months you could run a marathon in your sleep. (Although I am slightly jealous that Rudy had a faster marathon time than me.) It will be yours someday very soon. In the meantime focus on your upcoming races.

  6. They probably don't have full time jobs! You are a winner!


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