Learning Every Day

There are a lot of little rumblings going on in my head. Sad things, frightening things that occur in the world and I am trying to make sense of them while being thankful for the great life that I have. It's hard to balance ...

  • I recently learned that two local race directors, Bob and Linda Mathis, who's race I did last year in Cool, were killed on December 30, 2011 while crossing the street. I spoke with each of them right before and after my race and I was impressed with their love for the sport of trail running. Although I didn't know them in any way more than a passing conversation, I am so very sad for their passing. They had a respect and pure love of the sport that can't be faked.

  • As many of you have undoubtedly seen, Sherri Arnold has been missing since saturday morning in Montana. She left for her usual early morning run and hasn't been seen since. Only a running shoe has been found in a ditch nearby. The FBI has arrived and is continuing with the search for Sherri. I don't know her, but I am so sad for her family enduring such a horrific ordeal.

    I am hoping that Sherri is found safe and sound, and that the Mathis family has some peace after such a horrible event.



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