Paula Deen: The Queen of Mean or just Obscene?

The recent news that Paula Deen, the Queen of southern cooking-- the woman who peddled deep fried butter-- has acquired Type II diabetes didn't come as a shock to me. I have watched her program once or twice. I saw her laugh and giggle as she made a breakfast burger out of donuts and meat. I was surprised that she didn't deep fry it.

I don't care for her style of cooking, personally. It is unhealthy --full of fat, sugar and salt. But this is a free country and people are free to chose to eat what they want. And they do--even if it is garbage.

The thing that gets me, is that she knew about her Diabetes for 3 years and within that time, wrote and sold several cookbooks with the same unhealthy diet. In other words, she made money promoting the same food choices that led to her diagnosis.

Now she is teaming up with a company to be their spokesperson for a new diabetes drug. That just seems, ICKY to me. It is as if she has no conscience.

Promote grotesque food, acquire a disease that WILL SPEED UP YOUR DEMISE (sorry Paula, your pitch that "Diabetes isn't a death sentence" is inacurate. People with even well managed diabetes die an average of 15 years earlier), and then sign on to be the public face of a new drug for the ailment. Something is rotten in in Paula's Kitchen. Perhaps it is her colon?

She is right when she says "practice moderation". But is deep frying butter really moderate? Really? Does anyone believe that? I'm not a "moderate" person by any means,and I've NEVER DEEP FRIED BUTTER.

I'm trying really hard not to be the food nazi here, but at what point does she take ownership of promoting such an idiotic food plan? Is she the devil as Anthony Bourdain says or is she simply a good capitalist who turned her "lemon" into "lemonade"? What do you think?


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