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I am happy to announce that I am feeling much better! Not everything is resolved healthwise but MD believes they will be soon. With his 'green light' I started running again last week and managed 23 miles! First 3 runs of the week felt terrible--seemed to lose my breath after half mile, etc. By the fourth run, though I felt back to my old self-- a bit slower but at least not struggling.

  • Did 4 runs last week and 1 this week
  • 2 bike rides (23 miles)
  • Did Shiva Rea's Creative Core and Lower Body Workout. Granted I am totally out of shape but this 30 minute DVD kicked my ASS!
  • Completed one "two-a-day" workout consisting of a noontime run and bike ride after work!
  • Today's training includes a short 'brick' workout: mountain bike ride (6-8 miles) and transition run (4 miles).
  • I feel VERY tired every morning so morning workouts haven't yet happened. As I continue to feel better, I hope that I can commence with those soon.
  • My weekly mileage goal for this week is 30 miles.
  • I switched to handheld bottles for my shorter runs. The Ultimate Direction handhelds have worked really well for me--and no one is more shocked than I am. Because I don't have to constantly "GRIP" the bottle, I barely notice that I am carrying them.

  • RugRat #2 had her first cross country race for the year. She placed 6th overall and was a monster at the end of the race. Some girl from another school bumped her and tried to push RR out of the way so she could get in front. RR scrunched her nose and got a look of anger I RARELY see and is usually reserved for fights with RugRat#1. She pushed back and kicked her legs the last 25 yards and lunged across the line to barely edge out the other girl. Then she collapsed and almost threw up. Thata Girl!

    (not really RR#2, but a good facsimile)



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