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Feeling a slight touch of post-marathon malaise. I haven't run since last sunday but not for the usual "I'm too sore". In fact, other than monday night my muscle soreness has been unusually mild. I am simply relishing relaxing these days.

  • Not sure about doing Run on the Sly 50k. I think I am well enough trained, but not sure if I want to run 32 miles in 100 degree weather. No matter what spin I put on it, I can't seem to find a bright side to running nearly a 1/3 of a century in blistering heat.

  • Instead, I may opt to do a local 50k in November since the Sacramento area in November is usually nice and cool. This does raise the potential for MUDDY trails but I think I would rather deal with mud than heatstroke.

  • I have family that lives in the following areas. If you ar from those areas, let me know! Leave me a comment. Surrey, BC; Vancouver, BC; Missouri; San Francisco, CA; Mesa, AZ; Tracy,CA; England; Punjab, India; Texas; Sacramento,CA; Rocklin, CA.

  • Still trying to find another local-ish marathon to do in May/June. Local-ish means northern CA. I might consider Southern, CA or Nevada. Ideas?

  • Also wanting to nail down another half-ironman for next year. Vineman 70.3 is a possibility, but wondering if there are any other choices nearby. Again, I hate travel so something local-ish is best for me.

  • I have checked out from the library and am currently reading the following works: The Post-American World, Zakaria; War and Peace, Tolstoy; My name is Red, Pathuk; Absalom, Absalom, Faulkner. Light reading, I know.

    What are your next adventures? Any upcoming races? Is your season winding down or just getting started?


  1. I live on the south coast of England. Pretty much in the middle. How close is your English family to me?

  2. Manchester... is that close?


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