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As part of the Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange (GBBPX), I have a guest post from no other than Julie. Here's her great post below! My guest post is at Bobbi's blog zeroto26.2. Take a gander!

Hi, my name is Julie and I'm so excited to be guest blogging here on Karen's blog. You can find me blogging at where I spend a lot of time talking about my family, our adventures and the sport of triathlon. Whenever someone asks what my blog is about, I always come back to this interview I did with my daughter two years ago when she was five years old. Her simple love for self came shining through and I like to think that my blog is a full circle journey of my own life coming back to a simpler place, where if someone were to ask me if I like myself I could follow Mai's lead and say "Yes. Lots."

An interview with Mai (Age:5):

Julie: Hi Mai.
Mai: Hi Mama. You ready?

J: Ok, here we go. How old are you?
M: 5.

J: What's the best thing about being a girl?
M: I like wearing eye shadow.

J: Do you love yourself?
M: Ya.

J: What do you love most about yourself?
M: I like that I can play on my swingset.

J: Do you not like anything about yourself?
M: NO!

J: What's the favorite part of your body?
M: My head ~ because I can think. I can think about math, my stuffed animals, my mom, and what I'm going to do tomorrow.

J: What's the least favorite part of your body, if you have one?
M: My feet.

J: Why your feet?
M: Because you can't decorate them very much - just polish. Plus - they stink.

J: Are you a happy person?
M: Ya - I'm a real happy person. Like, if we lose our house, we don't have to worry because we have lots of family and neighbors to help us.

J: Do you have any worries?
M: I think my great grandma's going to die when she's 100. I got a book that says humans only live to about 75 and she's 87.

J: Are you scared to die?
M: Yes, because I'll miss my cousins. I have a little baby cousin named Evan and I know I'm going to die before him 'cause he's younger.

J: Do you ever look in the mirror?
M: Yes, when I'm putting on my eyeshadow.

J: Do you like what you see?
M: Yes.

J: If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?
M: My clothes.

J: So you like who you are?
M: Yes. Lots!


  1. This guest blogger thing is a great idea! My feet are SO NOT my favorite body part! Love the interview!

  2. OMG, if that's not the cutest thing EVER!! Love it!

  3. Oh this is too cute! Love the eyeshadow!!

  4. Very Cute! I need to get her and Nathan to interview each other. That would be funny! :)

  5. @ Raina...I can only imagine the questions they would ask :D


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