Marathon Reactions

I've experienced some interesting reactions to my marathon the last few days. First let me premise it by saying, i'm not the type of person to say, "hey look at me look at me, I did a marathon!" In fact only 2 people at my work even know that I participated. Here are a couple of the responses:

  • Bagger boy at the grocery store. This little punk I asked to help me out to my car with the cart of groceries. Because I was walking slow, and because he asked me "hey did you do anything exciting this weekend?", I volunteered that I had finished a marathon the day before. His comment,"Yeah, but did you RUN the WHOLE THING?? Otherwise it doesn't count" What the fk? I answered, with a patent lie, "other than 2 piss breaks, yes". Who is this guy, who was huffing and puffing to push my cart to my car--the marathon police? Honestly!

  • My mom's idiot boyfriend (IB) told my mom that since my time was so slow that I obviously wasn't well trained. In fact when I was struggling after mile 20 and I texted my mom for moral support, I found out he told her that I might as well just drop out because I was going so slow. NOT that I need to defend myself at all against the likes of IB, but I really think that he and I might need to have a little chat to discuss perseverance--that quality that lets us continue on even when nothing is going the way we want it to. IB is the type of guy who WINS local races (or did in his heyday 4 decades ago); now is just a bitter old man that has trouble running and drops out of every race he starts when he can't manage a 5:45 pace any more.

    So my question to you? Have you ever experienced people who try to denigrate your accomplishments ?? Maybe out of ignorance (like the huffy puffy bagger boy) or maybe out of jealousy, like IB? How do you respond?

UPDATE: I just found out that IB is now EX-IB. Hurray!!!


  1. the IB sounds like a douchebag !!!!!!

    sometimes my dad (who is veyr supportive and i think it is more of his younger ego speaking) will say how far - when i tell him about a sprint tri and he says - oh that is not far i could do that. the man isin his 70's and smokes and has not exercised in over 20 years....i just laugh at em

  2. Yes that's exactly the word I use for IB too.

  3. People? How about Pearl Izumi a couple years ago who deigned to define what a runner is or isn't? There will always be people who feel that they have the right to put others down. Screw 'em. And mom's boyfriend is a dick. I seriously question anyone"s judgment who associates with a guy that discourages rather than encourage. No offense against your mom, but that's how I see it. And why did she habe to tell you that anyway?

  4. I just found out that IB is now EX-IB. I think she told me since they had just then become EX's although she didn't tell me until just a few minutes ago. What a tool

  5. I've gotten that question too "did you run the whole thing" and I always answer defensively, that I walk water breaks. But truthfully? I want to tell them to stfu. It's always asked by people who can't even run around the block, let alone a 5k. I just wonder at the nerve of that question.


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