Miner's Ravine Race Report

Sometimes I do weird things. For instance. This week my training schedule said run 10-12 miles on Sunday and run 7 on Saturday. But I know myself, I won't run both days unless I absolutely have to. So I signed up for the Miner's Ravine race on Sunday and ran 12 miles on saturday.

I told you . I'm weird/crazy/insane.

Saturday's 12 mile run was supposed to start at 7 a.m. I awoke at 8:30--groggy, sweaty and tired. I did NOT want to run and tried to rationalize skipping my long run. Then I remembered that the Urban Cow half marathon is in 2 weeks and I haven't yet done any long run longer than 8 miles. That got me moving.

At 10:20 I was out the door, Nathan Intensity Waterpack slung over my shoulder.

I would like to say that it was an easy run or that something super interesting happened, but neither of those are true. I ran. I covered the distance at a leisurely pace. I tried to stay in the shade to avoid the heat.

At 12:30 I finished the workout and was back home sitting on the couch drinking some ice cold water mixed with Emergen-C. I contemplated switching to the 5k for the following day. But to get in my mileage for the week, I had to complete the 10k.

I've lived in Roseville almost my whole life and I heard there was a nifty new-ish bike trail in town. Short compared to the Jedidiah Smith American River Bike trail in nearby Sacramento.. But a nice place to ride/run.

The Miner's Ravine 10k was my first exposure to this great little gem.

First things first: Race was nice and small, great booths, easy parking, chip timing. The race started a bit late because the kids 1-mile run took a bit longer than expected. I think a 9 a.m. start is a little late anyway. I would love if the 10k had started at 8 a.m. instead of 9.

First mile was a doozy for me. I definatly felt the 12 mile run from the previous day in my quads as I ran downhill. I tried to stabilize my breathing and relax. I also told myself, "This might hurt but you can get thorugh 6 miles".

The course itself was really beautiful, even if it was exposed. Lots of rolling hills, little shade. This is a perfect place for an early morning or evening run--can't believe I have never been out there.

I finished the race in approx 56 min and considering the 12 mile run the day before and the hilly, exposed, hot course, I am VERY happy with my time. I pushed hard and was determined to finish strong. I passed four people within the last 1/2 mile and kicked a bit at the uphill finish.

31 miles total running for the week and 24 miles riding for the week.

In 2 weeks I do Urban Cow.. I can't wait!


  1. Great job on the 12 miler and 10k!! And woohoo on a strong finish!



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