I've never done THAT before!

This weekend I did something I've NEVER done BEFORE..

I went to lake tahoe...
Just me and the husband. No kids. Hallelujah!! Stayed in a villa here.

I know --I know. I've lived within 2 hours of Tahoe my whole life and never been. Tahoe has an interesting mix of hippie vibe & gun toting motorcycle gangs.

Why did I go??? I went to celebrate my 39th birthday.
Exercise included lifting cocktails to my lips while lounging at the resort pool and spa-time.

Ate at a cute kitchy place called Freshies. GREAT tacos and beer.

I plan to be 39 at least 6 more times and hopefully will enjoy each 39th birthday more than the last one.

Racing Urban Cow Half Marathon this upcoming weekend.. I hope to manage a 1:53 but we will see.

When was the last time you did something you've NEVER done before??


  1. Aahh, I love Tahoe. I went to High School there. It was a magical time, let me tell you. The best part of it was that I realized how lucky I had it; I reminded myself not to be cynical and enjoy every day. I'm glad I did.

    Happy Birthday!


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