Patience is a virtue....Sigh... & Cal Bears Rock

I ordered the Jillian Michael's DVDs and Tri Power book--but I'll have to wait a while. :(

When will your items arrive? Delivery estimate: May 28, 2009 - June 10, 2009

I did another bike ride yesterday. 12 miles. 53 minutes. I stopped twice to rest. I'm up to 24 miles for the month--Hurray! I'll do 30 on sunday so that will make it 54 this week!

Tomorrow is my first run in like forever. I'm planning on a 5-miler using the run/walk (walk/walk) method.

Oh, and I bought some kettlebells from some guy on Craigslist! I pick them up tomorrow morning. He was selling them for only $20!

I think my time away has really helped me to HUNGER for workouts now. I feel so enthusiastic about working out. Kinda cool.

On the academic front--as I mentioned, all paperwork has been filed, etc. etc.. I mentioned this to a research librarian at UC Berkeley. Vanessa (librarian) has been assisting me for years with digging up primary documents for my thesis. Anyway, I sent a "thank you" email to her and she asked me to send to her (and UC BERKELEY) a copy of my thesis for them to keep in their special collection library! HOLY CRAP! I feel so honored! I guess since it is on such a unknown topic she wants it there. I had to do a little happy dance..



  1. Wow, I think that is very impressive! I'm a Cal graduate but nothing in their libraries is mine (only got a bachelor's deg from there).


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