So you thought I wasn't working out...& randomness

I have been working out.

A lot.

For "May is Bike Month" I logged 170 miles.
I have not managed to get up at 4:30 a.m. to run--yet. But I am running after work in the 90+ degree heat. Only 2-3 times per week and SLOW --but I am doing it.

I also started Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones".


It is really hard. I don't even use the hand weights since I don't have any but it is kicking my butt. The best part??? I have noticed my CORE getting tighter and tighter (under the layer of muffin top blubber). At one point my abs/core was so sore, I had to ask hubby to roll me over so I could get out of bed!

The only thing lagging is swimming. I have only swam twice in the last month. I am really trying to work on getting motivated for that sport. I recently found out that there is a VERY local master's swim group at 4:45 a.m. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. I have to get to that. They average about 2000 per practice. Ouch!

I am contemplating the trail running class. On the one hand it will be fun to try something new. On the other, it doesn't fit so well with my schedule and it is so freakn' hot in the afternoons.

That's it.. lots of randomness.


  1. Great job on all that cycling in May!!

    I don't know how people can swim at 4:45 in the mornings, though. Seriously, I would probably drown because I'm not at all awake. Good for you to even consider it!

  2. you've been busy! Way to go! A trail running class? That sounds fun and exciting!

  3. Nice job with the cycling. A trail running class sounds like fun!


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