Groove is in the Heart

This weekend was pretty good. Lots of family from out of town.
Lots of margaritas
lots of food

Oh, and I ran 3 miles with my mom on a newly discovered bike trail in my area.

It was really good. I admit--I DID NOT WANT TO GO saturday morning but she basically guilted me into it.. "Oh, ok. well if you don't want to spend time with your mom, don't worry. I did give birth to you and all.."

So I went.

I had a great time. It was a nice little trail--very quiet. No other runners or bikers. Just a few old people walking their dogs.

I did nada on Sunday--had husband's family over for food and drinks and laughs. Anyone see a "Christmas vacation" with Chevy Chase? Most of his family is like Clark's brother-in-law. White shoes and plaid pants. I have to drink a lot just to stop laughing at them.

Only a week until the trail running class starts. I am very excited. I need a goal--now that school is DONE I need something to strive for every day. I think running and trying for California International Marathon (CIM) again this year will do it.

So here it is-- I WILL RUN CIM this year!

I also signed up for the Auburn Triathlon for 2010.

Oh, and I also have on my calendar, the Tahoe City XTERRA triathlon.

I know, i'm over compensating. But what the hell? You only live once.

And you only die once.


  1. Cool that you ran with your mom. My 70+ yr old mom can't run but can out-walk me, LOL.

    And sure does sound like you've got your groove back. Happy training!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words about my race. I usually read your blog from google, but came to the actual site to leave a comment. I too am sad about Dr Kutner leaving House. sniff sniff.

    Get into the groove girl with those race goals. Which distance for Auburn? One of my BT buds did the half this year, and it sounds harder than the one I just did.


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