10 Miscellaneous Things about me

10 miscellaneous things about me:
1. I do not drink or eat anything made with dairy.
2. My dad died when I was 24 years old.
3. I live in the same town I went to high school in.
4. I love all runs once I hit the 3 mile mark; before I hit the 3 mile mark I always struggle a lot.
5. I would never smoke a cigarette ever.
6. I had my wisdom teeth taken out without being put under.
7. I had braces in college.
8. Everyone used to think my younger brother and I were twins.
9. I work in the same building as my mom and my husband—but we all drive separately.
10. I always sneeze for 5 minutes after I swim.

I just signed up for Fleet Feet’s California International Marathon training class! Because I am already in the trail running class, I get a little discount.

This year is the year I conquer that marathon!

So far for 2009-2010 I have

Buffalo Stampede
Cowtown half marathon
Four Bridges half marathon
Auburn Half Iron Triathlon (2010)
XTERRA Tahoe Triathlon (2010)
Vineman 70.3 (2010)


St. George Ironman (2011)


  1. I found some things we have in common...

    Many people think my younger sister and I are twins.


    I oftentimes sneeze after swimming as well!

  2. Katherine always sneezes after swimming, too! I was starting to wonder if she was allergic to something in the pool....

  3. I've heard a lot of folks mention they sneeze after swimming. I wonder if it might have to do with the chlorine. Do you sneeze after open water swims too?

    Very cool about IM Utah in 2011!!

  4. I'm doing the 10K program now in Chico with Fleet Feet and then will be in training for the CIM too! Good luck to you. That Trail running class sounds FABULOUS! I wish we had more around here.


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