"Cause She's A Brick. House."

Did a brick this weekend. 12 mile ride and 2 mile run.

I decided to leave my IPOD at home.

My usual 12 mile loop took me 50 minutes. It was pretty cool watching all the people outside running and biking and walking their dogs.

I am very afraid of going downhill fast so I have been working on that with each 12 mile ride. I managed to hit 25 miles per hour going down hill and I did not hit my brakes at all the whole time! Quite the accomplishment.
I hammered through a yellow light and only had to stop at one light on my way back home.

Switched into running shoes and shorts and grabbed RR#2 and said, "lets go run."

She came with me, but she really wasn't up for the task. So we only did 2 miles and it took us 24 minutes. RR#2 stopped 4 times to walk and I stopped with her. I try to push her a little bit to keep her motivated, but I don't want to make her HATE running.

So overall--
BIKE 50m 26s
11.64 miles 13.85 Mi/hr
10:30 AM To Barton Road and Back
Climb: 584 feet

RUN 24m
2.14 miles 11m 13s/Mi
11:47 AM To stop sign and back
Climb: 52 feet


Two weeks ago
BIKE 50m 50s
11.64 miles 13.74 Mi/hr
5:45 PM Climb: 584 feet

RUN 35m 30s
3.18 miles 11m 10s/Mi
Climb: 266 feet

Only nominally slower, and I attribute that to RR#2.

Anyway, tonight doing Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones and TriPower Workout.. Hopefully my core is getting stronger. :)


  1. Good job on your brick! I too am scared of going downhills fast. Best to not look at the speedometer :-)


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