And I ran..I ran so far away...

Forgive the flock of seagulls title. I can't help it.
I feel so damn good.

I got up this morning and RAN!
At 5:05 a.m. my alarm clock clicked on. Puff Daddy was singing something about Biggie Smalls.

I hit snooze and rolled over.
3 minutes later my eyes opened and I decided to get up and go running!

Coffee-- yum!
Dressed--pink shirt, black running skirt, Nike Triax.

Did the old 3 mile loop in 33 minutes--that includes 2 minutes of stretching calves and 1 minute of talking to a fellow runner.

It was awesome! I can't wait for trail running on Sunday.

Oh--being so inspired by my run, I registered for CIM today!


  1. What a great day all around, huh?! Way to go on your run! AND... nice work on signing up for CIM!

  2. Way to go, Forrest! Also, that's a kickin' hairdo. :)


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