Number Geeks R Us

I went to beginnertriathlete and queried the data for 2010. Wow.

Swim: 55,285 yards
Bike: 1293 miles
Run: 703 miles

compared to 2009
Swim: 20,214 yards
Bike: 549 miles
Run: 399 miles

and 2008

Swim: 19,726 yards
Bike: 308 miles
Run: 146 miles

I feel pretty good about my numbers for 2010. Between 2009 and 2010 I more than doubled my swim and bike and almost doubled my running. I was also much more consistent in my exercise.

I already did one race (Resolution Run) this year. That's 3.1 miles already for 2011. :)


  1. Nice 2010 stats. I'm tempted to keep track of my cycling and walking miles this year just to see what I can do but that requires me to actually remember and write that stuff down. And I'm a lazy girl. :)

  2. I do it all on which is FREE .. I just enter the data when I'm done with my workout and it automatically sums everything by week, month, year. Like I said, I'm a data geek.

  3. wow, nice work. i didn't know you were on BT! I used to enter data there, but when I got the garmin, I stopped b/c the Garmin connect site tracks all my workouts. or lack thereof, hahahaa.

  4. PS: Thanks for not making me input those stupid blurry letters before commenting! Am I the only one that hates those?!


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