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Now that I have the garmin whining out of the way, I can tell you that it has almost miraculously started working really well. Only one part of it doesn’t work (training center) but I realize I have an older version of it on my computer so that should be fixed soon too.

AnyHOO, I just looked back at some of my recent 5 mile trail runs—since I got my garmin, I have done a particular 5-mile trail run 3 times. The times are as follows:

#1 Run 1 hour 5 minutes
#2 Run 56 minutes 21 seconds
#3 Run 52 minutes 1 second

Is Garmin making me faster or WHAT? HA!

This weekend my trail group will be running 10 miles on Quarry Road. Fred and Wilma and Barney and Betty will be out there.

Signed up for the 10 mile trail run, Blood, Sweat and Beers.
I’m scared.
I’m scared that they might run out of beer before I finish.

I found a new love—early morning bike rides. Rode Wednesday AM at 5:15 to 6:15. It was quiet and peaceful, roads were sans cars, & the air was clean. AWESOME! I’ll be doing it again next week.

I’m scared of the Master Swim group I have joined. I have not yet attended a workout. I need to do that, but even the thought sends me into a panic. Swimming fast at 5 a.m.? I need to SUCK IT UP and get in the water.

I am running Cowtown half marathon with my mom. She signed up, so we will run it together. My mom rocks it!

I haven’t thought about school or my thesis in weeks. I am so glad it is over.
Just informed I got a promotion—since I have that illustrious M.A. in hand. Hurray!

I'll re-test my Nathan water pack again on Sunday's 10-mile trail run and have a review next week.


  1. Great news about the Garmin! Maybe because I linked to your review (and by now, 100s of people have read it :-) that it started behaving.

    I don't know how people swim at 5am. I think I'd drown just because I wasn't awake.

  2. Great news- I just got mine this week. My plan is to set it up over the weekend. Is the set up hard? Do you find the watch hard to run in- it seems a little large? Thanks! Jackie

  3. For me, the computer set up was difficult--the other stuff on the actual garmin, was easy to set up. But I think i might just have a weird computer. I had to get help from garmin tech and then from garmin software tech to set it up properly on my computer. it is still a little dicey. Hopefully i'll get it fixed soon.
    Good luck!

  4. I'm green with envy on your 310xt! Glad you got it working! Congrats on the run improvements, and also the promotion... wow, you are on a roll!


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