Nathan Intensity Hydration Race Vest Review

New Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest
As promised –the new Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest review.

This pack is awesome. It works exceptionally well for my long trail runs where I am out for over an hour and there is no water source.

The Intensity is the women’s specific hydration race vest. Specifically, it is designed for a shorter torso—perfect for me. The vest is made of some exceptionally soft ultra space age material. I think I could get away with wearing this pack without any shirt—only a bra top—and be fine.

The pack has two main compartments. The first compartment holds the 2 Liter water bladder—the bladder is held in place wit a couple of clips. The second compartment is smaller and will hold a small jacket or some arm warmers. I usually put my keys in the smaller compartment.

The front of the water pack has two smaller holders. One is zippered—this one I use to hold my TP and plastic bags, just in case of runner’s trots. (This is a very handy thing to have it in the front of the pack. I do not want to be wrangling with my pack trying to find the TP in the back of the pack when I have dropped trough and am trying to avoid poison oak—I want easy access to the TP).The other compartment in front is draw string-like and that’s where I keep my Gus and Cliff Shot Blocks.

The hose is easily locked into place on the front sternum strap. The bite valve works fine and water comes out quickly and easily.

The sternum strap adjusts well. For me, I wear it beneath “the girls” since they seem to be in the way. It’s ok though.

The water bladder holds enough to last me 2.5 hours running in 100+ degree weather There is little to no water bounce when I run. My only complaint about the entire thing is that occasionally, my WIDE shoulders get stuck in the vest when I try to take it off.

All in all, the Nathan Intensity Hydration Pack rocks it.


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