Holy Busy Tri Season!!!

Superbowl 10K run Feb 7
Shamrockn' Half Marathon March 14
TBF XTERRA March 28 (possibly--perfect fit into training plan)
Party Pardee Metric Century (Waitlisted) April 3
Wildflower Century April 25
The Parkway Half Marathon May 1
Auburn Half Ironman May 23
Sierra Century June 5
Xterra Tahoe City June 26 (I have to do this one--in memory of my pops!)
Vineman 70.3 (Waitlisted) July 11
Marin Century Aug 7
Napa Century Aug 16
TBF Half Ironman(HIT)III Sept 11


  1. WOOHOO!! I LUV IT! Especially that Superbowl 10k!!

  2. Wow your race schedule exploded!! That's a good thing in my book ;-)

  3. WOW!! Looks like a great schedule.

  4. wowser that is alot of races! You da man!

    The P90X workouts are mostly an hour, except the Ab Ripper one was 16 minutes. The official plan for week 1 has one workout per day, plus the Ab Ripper in addition every other day. Then later on in the plan, you soemtimes do an am and a pm workout. I'm just kind of winging it right now. Mostly I just need 1 hour per day of exercise so I can eat food.


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