Things I shouldn't say...but

I'm a big mouth. Ok, I amend that... I say things without thinking them through sometimes. I can easily turn a budding friendship into something that is a bit awkward. I can't help it. Trust me i've tried and tried to censor myself but to no avail. There are people who love me anyway--people who know that I truly mean no harm but sometimes lack tact. There are so many things I censor and thus don't post here on trikarentri but i've decided to let loose.

  • I hate the people who just moved out next door to me. They were meth addicts (and I suspect from the weird nighttime traffic to their house) dealers as well. They were jerks who ruined my ability to sit outside and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine. I'm GLAD they moved to Wyoming. Yes I said "hate" and I stand by use of that word. Oh, and they were horders too.
  • I have HORRIBLE mood swings due to hormones. They are getting worse. All chemical interventions (i.e. BCP) have failed. Husband is upset with me about 4 days a month because i'm a real bitch. Today is one of those days.
  • Stupid Garmin is not working properly these days. I have a love/hate relationship with my garmin.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm an evil step-mom.
  • My newest juicing concoction at home is cucumber, carrot, celery, parsley and garlic. The parsley is supposed to help with the garlic. I'm not sure it really does, but I enjoy the taste and I feel a lot better if I have a couple of glasses a day.
  • Ordered a cord of firewood to be delivered thursday--guy never showed. after 3 hours of calling with no answer on his end, a gruff voice picked up the phone and said there would be no more deliveries for the forseeable future because they are short-staffed. They could have called us and told us this before we waited around like fools for hours. They said they were going to call and inform people over the coming weekend. Kind of lame.
  • Rode my mountain bike this week and I LOVED IT!!! I learned how to roll downhill over rocks without crashing. Only downside is that my "kibbles and bits" get a little sore the next day. Yes I said "kibbles and bits" -- what do you call it?
  • RugRat #2 scored big with a 4.25 GPA for the semester. Thats on her permanent transcript!!! I am so proud of her!!! All while running cross country and enjoying an active social life.
  • I discovered "Soyrizo" tastes really really good with fried potatoes.
  • I'm getting an Indira Gandhi streak of grey in my hair. Or maybe its Stacy London. I'm not sure but i'm not dying it. I think it is kind of cool.

  • I enjoy reading TMZ sometimes.
  • I once put Nair in someones hair conditioner. Yes I did--she deserved it.
  • I am fascinated by the LDS church. No I am not a member, but I am just in awe of how a ragtag bunch of handcart pushers could create a theocracy in the american west in the 19th century. Fascinating. Oh, and the polygamist history is cool too.
  • My great grandfather was a polygamist in India. I guess that was fairly common. My maternal grandmother is the first child from his second wife--so, I guess I owe my existence to polygamy.
  • I can't wait to run 18 miles tomorrow at 7 a.m. Really. (I had to throw in something sports related)
  • I will be doing 2 half ironman races next year. Possibly a third.
  • Considering doing an Ironman in 2013. St. George, UT.
  • One of the funniest, truest things i've read in a long time is this article titled, Triathlon is a stupid sport


  1. This post made me giggle.

    I am from Jersey and also lack tact when speaking. My husband is mortified.

    You will rock your half iron mans next year. Looking forward to reading about training for a FULL Ironman! errr, or do we just say Ironman for that ... :)


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