Urban Cow 2011 WTF?

Last year I finished Urban Cow halfmarathon in 1:55. I haven't been training very consistently so I was sure I would be slower this year; but I was secretly hoping for a 1:53. Crazy!

  • Someone stole my headphones while I was in the porta-potty so NO music during the race.

  • IT Bands flared at mile 4.

  • Passed by a 60 year old woman at mile 2.

  • Looked longingly into the medical tent at mile 5 and wondered if they could give me a ride back to the start.

  • Kept plugging along and figured I might as well just finish the race.

  • At mile 10 I honestly thought "I HATE RUNNING AND I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN."

  • Got to the finish line and was very proud of myself.

  • Ran into someone I knew 20 years ago (!) at the finish area. We exchanged contact information.

    2:08 finish time this year. 13 minutes slower than last year so basically 1 min/mile slower. That's ok though.

    So here's my dilemma: Of the 4 half marathon races in the Sacramento area, I have done 2 of them 3 times. (Urban Cow X 3, Shamrockn' X3). The other two I have only done twice (Four Bridges Half Marathon and Parkway Half Marathon). My finisher medals on my wall need to be symetrical. I need order and equality. Four Bridges Half Marathon is October 30. I am scheduled to run 20 miles that day. Should I try to run 7 miles and then do the half marathon? Should I skip the half marathon and just do my 20 miles? Shall I risk inflammed IT Bands at Four Bridges (IT Band issues are chronic for me during Four Bridges).. I need order and equality but not sure if I am ready to pay the price?? What do you think?


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