bad blogger bad blogger

Ok, i've been a bad blogger. No Excuses--especially since I was tagged by Beth at Tri-Girl Training Plan to provide 7 random facts about me.

Here are some random facts:

  • I like to sleep on my left side.
  • I am an AM coffee fiend. Just sugar please.
  • I have paid off all of my student loans, thank you very much.
  • I crashed on my mountainbike last week and got hurt pretty bad. Let's just say I look a little like OJ Simpson's girl friend. X-ray showed no broken bones but my wrist and knee were pretty tweaked. No more mountain biking, road biking or trail running in the immediate future. I can't risk another fall--and unfortunately, I am fairly clumsy.
  • CIM is looking good. I don't want to jinx myself but I am fairly happy with my long runs to date. This weekend, 20 miles.
  • I LOVE Love love WonderWoman stuff.
  • I subscribe to Trail Runner, Triathlete, Inside Triathlon, Runner's World, Vogue, Bicycling, and W magazine. I enjoy reading them while sipping on some wine.
  • I've been a victim of a stalker. It was a woman. She went to jail for 8 months.

    So that's it for me these days. I'll try to be a better blogger but this week typing has hurt because of the wrist / injury issue. Finger's crossed for a good 20 miler this weekend!


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