Finally a 20 miler with turkeys & I rickrolled myself.

Last weekend's 20 miler was scraped because of my mountainbike accident. The pain was so annoying I just couldn't focus enough to get moving. I should have read SUAR's article on moving our asses when we really don't want to do anything. So after last weeks' "I'm in too much pain to fckn' run!" poutiness, I put all excuses aside and did my twenty miles Sunday.

I was running late (as usual); alarm went off too early, I was too sleepy to get up. Yada Yada. Finally at 7 I rolled out of bed -- the "dark and stormy" I had drunk the night before at a halloween party seemed to linger into the morning. In any case I had coffee, made a homemade eggmuffin, pitstop and then off to park at Gold River access point to the bike trail. When driving over, I felt a little rumble in my tummy. "uh oh" I thought.. The best was yet to come.

I started off on my run and within 1 mile I had to go potty. The 6 carrots I juiced the night before suddenly did not seem like a good idea.

I emerged from the Sunrise bathroom a few minutes later. Phew--happy that there was a bathroom there. Within 2 miles I saw a flock of wild turkeys roaming across the bike trail. I didn't have my pepper spray and I wasn't sure what I should do, so I ran right toward them and they moved to the side.Ick. I hate big birds.

I kept running at a nice pace with the intention of meeting a friend at William B. Pond Park. However, as I approached WBP I felt a need to hit the bathroom again. I waited for my friend and then told her I was going to dash into the restroom.

We ran together at her pace for a few miles. She bugged off after 8 miles and then I was all alone. Then the unthinkable happened.

No, I didn't soil myself.

I rickrolled myself. Really. I have Rick Astley's infamous song on my Ipod. Stop judging me. It played on my Ipod. Then it played again. My Ipod controls refused to work. I couldn't get the damn song to go away. It played a 3rd time. I had 5 miles to go on a 20 mile run, it was getting hot, I was tired, and the only song my Ipod would recognize was Rick Astley's, "Never gonna give you up".

Finally I took my headphones off and pushed consistently to get to the end of my run. 3:30 of running time for 20 miles. 5 pitstops make the total time I was out there 4:08.

CIM is looking good! (As long as I don't drink carrot juice the night before)


  1. 20 miles at 3:30, that's awesome!!! Great job! I haven't done a 20 miler in quite some time..


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