Thursday 13: Is life stressful? The early MADLIB Edition

Work, training and home are all super busy and stressful these last few weeks. Some things have built up while others have waned. I wish I could post all the dirty laundry here but I can't. It would be fun though. Maybe it can be like MADLIBS!

  • The EX-WIFE has her own crazy _________ to deal with now. It makes me giggle uncontrollably when I think about the saying that "Karma is a ______"

  • RugRat#2 is doing great in her __________ season. Only one more meet to go this _____.

  • California International Marathon training is going ok. I have a ______ mile run this weekend. The forcast is for _______.

  • Work is _______; I really enjoy being a "transponster"

  • ________ Armstrong is on the cover of the latest issue of ___________ magazine. He is looking a little __________-Out and old.

  • I will be on vacation in Maui in 5 weeks. I plan to do ________ except eat and sleep.

  • Last night we had _________ for dinner since I was WAY TOO TIRED to cook.

  • Converted RugRat#1's room into a WORKOUT room for ME!!! I get the whole ________ for my clothes. I have too much triathlon __________.

  • After I RickRolled myself a couple of weeks ago, I decided to put a new ______ on my _________ list.

  • I will put my name in for the lottery for _________50k (March 2012).

  • Vineman 70.3 sold out in ______________ hours including the waitlist. _________!!!

  • Auburn Triathlon is still open for 2012. __________________!!!! it is a difficult course. Should I ________ for it?

  • I want to do an Ironman distance race in the next two years. No, this is not a _______.

  • Here is a picture from my __________ 11 years ago. Now I feel _____.

    Happy Thursday everyone and Happy Veterans Day Friday!


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE madlibs!!! I so remember doing these as a kid! Classic!!!!! Hey btw.. I'm going to try the coconut on my popcorn, I haven't done that yet!


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