Double Workout: (Almost) Triple Digits

Haven’t had a double workout day in a long time but I punched one out Tuesday.

Got up at 5 and got dressed for my 4 mile fartlek workout (I still snicker at the word fartlek—it’s those Swedes again). I was supposed to leave around 5:15 but I logged online and got sucked into the Jon&Kate+8 vortex –started reading E-online updates on their sucky marriage and suckier divorce.

Anyway, suddenly it was 5:30! Cripes! I headed out with my new IPOD Depeche Mode / Duran Duran playlist.

I felt pretty good at first. The workout was 4 miles with 8-10 30second pickups. First two or three pickups were pretty easy. Later , the 30seconds whittled down to 10 or 15 seconds. But I finished.

Tuesday night I swam in the lake for an hour. There was a group there and I was lucky enough to join them. Fun. We did sighting, drafting and drills. At the end I tried to really concentrate on lengthening my stroke and GLIDING.. guess what? I was freakin’ passing people!!!! I have to remember that tactic—GLIDE—not flail with windmill arms.

Last night, I ran with my trail running group. 5 miles, 100 degrees. Never again will I eat a full Thai restaurant dinner before my run. Never. Again.

I managed to finish the run and as I sat down in my car let out a big burp. Finally.



  1. NIce job on the workouts! I thought J&K are only separated??!

  2. Whew, hot there too! Good job on that swim and glad it was only a burp that came up after your run ;-)


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