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This weekend's training was a total bust. I did zero. zilch. nada. Rain/storms and looming holiday gift procurement kept me hopping from store to store trying to find that extra special something that could later be returned for store credit by the receiver.

Part of the weekend was spent cleaning out my closet. As I went through and organized my workout gear, I realized there are some things that really work well and others, usually bought in a frenzy, that haven't worked for me at all.

Things that work well for me:

1. nike shorts. These things are the bomb. I have tons of other company pairs that i purchased over the years--but only the Nikes don't ride up my bum as I run. they are nice and loose and comfy. I have three pair now and I love each and every one.

2. skirt sports shirt. I have one skirtsport shirt that I got at a race a couple of years ago. It is by far my favorite shirt. It is not too loose, it is an awesome color -- a nice teal--ish blue--perfect for wiping my nose while I run or sopping the sweat off my neck. It also is tight enough to make me, well, look a little well endowed and sporty at the same time. Go figure! Here's a pic of me wearing the shirt. I'm on the left.

3. Balega socks. Ok, these socks are great. I actually wear them all the time, even when I am not in running shoes. I don't know why but they cling to my small feet really well, don't stink, and no matter how hard I sweat, they never get wet or icky.

4. Nike hat. I love my nike hat. I. LOVE. My. Nike. HAT. I have no explanation.

5. Nike Triax. These shoes work so well for me. I've tried every other road shoe known to woman. These work for my bunioned-yet-narrow feet.

6. Asics Trabuco Trail shoe. As far as trail shoes go, nobody can touch the Asics Trabuco. Wide enough to fit my bunion. Sturdy enough to run hills in Auburn. They are great.

7. Ultimate Water bottle holder-- Ok ok, I know. There are some devotees of the systems that have 7 little bottles on a belt around your waist. Granted, I haven't tried those yet. I am sticking with my ultimate water bottle holders. I have 10+ ultimate bottles. Small ones, large ones and ity bitty ones. I have holders for each. I like them cause I can usually carry some Gu and my cell phone in a little pouch. Someday I might change to the amphipod/fuelbelt system but only after all my Ultimate bottles melt in the dishwasher or break.

8. Gu. I love Gu. It doesn't upset my stomach and they taste pretty darn good.

9.Mittens for really cold days. I have a pair of blue/white striped mittens I bought at Target for 50 cents on clearance last year. I wear them anytime weather is below 40 degrees. Who needs stinkin' $70 gloves???

10.Headband. I must have my headband to run. No, not the kind from Napoleon Dynamite. Just something to hold my hair out of my face, and off my neck. It is a necessity. I have a pack of 10 from Target. They have silicone grippers so that my unruly hair doesn't come loose and end up in my face. That would be a problem.

See this is what I really look like when I wear the headband to run. Really.


  1. Those nike shorts are my favorite, too! I am actually wearing a pair right now.

  2. You know what's best about those mittens from target? You can get a couple pairs for less than $5 and on those races where you start cold and get hot, it doesn't hurt to throw 'em! :)

    And, I LURVE those nike shorts. I think I have 4 pair myself!

  3. I have some Nike shorts too that don't ride up. Not sure if they are Tempos or some other style but whatever they are they work. I also have a Nike cap that I love. It has a mesh top to keep my head cool. I'm thinking I might try a Bondi Band during the summer to keep my bags off my face. Great post.

  4. I too am in LOVE with Nike shorts, my Nike visor, Balega socks and Skirt Sports. My favorite cycling jersey is Skirt Sports and I have not found anything like it.

    Great list!

  5. Love the list! And thanks for the heads up on the shorts. I've tried several kinds and they all ride up. Despite the heat and humidity here, I've been wearing addidas capris. I'll have to check out the Nike shorts!


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