Stinky Sweaty Workout

Last night I headed to the gym and did my first weight workout in ..
uhm... well nearly 2 years I think.

I did the circuit training route, carefully avoiding anything heavy
for my upper arms-shoulders since, according to hubby I am freakishly
huge in my arms, shoulders and back. So I mostly did legs.

Squats, the QUAD burner, adductor/abductor machine, and hamstring
machine were my friends. Then they were my frenemies. Then ultimately,
after the third set, my enemies.

I tried to convince my workout partner to do "TWENTY-ONE" but she
refused since it would require us walking across the gym to some mats.
So we did 100 situps instead.

I noticed that the "Adductor/Abductor" machine directly faces the
"wall" of treadmill machines and LUCKY FOR ME the treadmills were full
of men staring. Great. Nice. Twenty-year old, pimply faced freaks
staring as my training partner and I spread our legs then closed our
legs. Training Partner(TP)got embarrased and put her bright pink hand
towel between her legs--like THAT didn't call attention to our

I don't go to the gym much to do weights --like I said above-- and I
am wondering--does it ALWAYS stink like that? Every so often someone
would walk by or we would pass them and a malodorous FUNK permeated my
nostrils. Seriously, you could almost see a green tinged amorphous gas
trailing them. I wanted to say, "Eww. Really? You stink that bad from
doing weights? What the hell do you eat?"

Anyway, I was going to do a run at 4:30 this morning but decided to
bag it. I was just too worn out after the weights--maybe thursday I'll
do a run.


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