4 a.m. run and the hulk

Began my 4:30 a.m. runs again today. It was really tough getting out
of the nice warm bed to go into 34 degree weather. Really tough.

Dressed in layers--something I haven't done in a long time. Thick REI
tights, REI longsleeve top and then a short sleeve top over that--and
a running jacket, with earwarmer, and gloves.

Had hot coffee, a chocolate gu and water. Hooked IPOD to my ears and was off.

Within half a mile I was sweating. Since I was easing into my running,
we only did 2 miles and at the turn around point I shed the jacket and
tied it around my waist. Perfect.

Pretty slow today--1 mile was at 9:30 and the way back was a lot
slower, 10:25 or something like that. But hell it is a start and my TP
(training partner) said she thought I did well all things considered.

That's it. Going to CIM expo to meat Dirt Diva, Catra tomorrow--even
though I am not running, I am going to pick up the $95T-shirt I got
for registering. :) My friends told me I'm not supposed to wear a
shirt unless I actually COMPLETE the race, but "eff'em". If I pay $95
for a race, I'm wearing the damn shirt.

Oh, here is something pretty funny. Last night I went shopping at the
local mall. I wanted to buy something for myself--a dress
specifically--that I've been eyeing for a month or so now. It was
originally $175, then went down to $99, then to $59 and yesterday I
got the Banana Republic e-mail that it was $39.99!!! I called my local
BR and asked if they had the dress in stock in two sizes (I wasn't
sure which size I would be). They said, "yes, we'll hold both sizes
for you."

So I raced to BR. I skipped to the dressing room with the two dresses.
I put the smaller of the two dresses on. Common sense would have told
me that since I struggled so much to get it on, it wouldn't be pretty
trying to get it off. As I've said before, I have wide shoulders/back.
So I managed to get the dress on. (You all see where this is going,
don't you?)

Then I couldn't get the dress off.

I struggled, I squirmed I tried to pull it over my shoulders, but
everytime I did that my arm/shoulder muscles felt like there were
tournaquets on them. So I tried to pull it down over my hips. Nope. So
there I was stuck. I tried again. I opened the dressing room door and
looked out. For once, a sales "Mosquito" wasn't buzzing around asking
if I needed help. Great. I peered out further into the store, but I
couldn't see anyone.

So I went back into the dressing room and did something bad. Really bad.

I flexed my back muscles and the damn dress tore. Not the seam--THE FABRIC.
6 inch gash down the back of the dress.
I was able to finally get out of the dress. I hung it up on the
hanger, got dressed and went out to find a sales person to tell. I
felt bad that I tore it.
I couldn't find anyone except one woman behind the counter who was on
the phone with her boyfriend for 5 minutes. She kept talking while I
waited and I got annoyed.

So I put the dress back in the dressing room and left.

I'm not sure if I should cut back on the swimming or what.
When I got home, my repeated the story to hubby and 13 year old who
promptly reminded me that two years ago I tried on a shirt at a store
and --again tried to squeeze into it. The top two buttons popped off
and flew across the dressing room.

Nice. Thanks for reminding me.


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