Exercise Schmexercise

Dear former-exerciser,

Do you think that being grumpy all the time really suits you? Do you
have a permanent scowl? Does the theme for the wicked witch of the
west play as you walk through the halls at work? Do people scatter as
you stomp along in heels from meeting to meeting?

There is a solution to this serious problem. And trust me, it is a
VERY serious problem. The solution involves something that you don't
want to fathom or even consider.

Take a break and go run.

I know that sounds crazy, but let's get real. You stomped up the
stairs today at work and were out of breath after 3 flights. You've
been drinking coffee in the morning and afternoon and evening. And
rum, kahlua and wine in the late evenings. This is not helpful.
Instead of frantically working on your paper, go for a run. Instead of
biting your kids' head off, go for a run. Take your dogs while you are
at it--they have been so ignored lately they've been digging out of
boredom. And you have been so tired you didn't even say anything to
the woman in line at the grocery store who told you that the
NationalEnquirer reported REAL NEWS like their cover story that Oprah
was trying to take Obama away from Michelle. WHY DIDN'T YOU SET HER

So do it. Just go for a run.

I know all the excuses. You've got work to do. You are tired. Your
head hurts. You are sleepy. Yeah well, man-up because life sucks
sometimes and then you die. So you might as well die with some fresh
air in your lungs, a strong heart and a some musculature in your legs.


Just go for 10 minutes. Trust me, humanity will thank you.


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