An Ode to Poop, Part Doo

Since at least a couple of you were disappointed in my earlier post “An Ode to Poop” for its metaphorical flavor, I’ve decided to do a real post on poo.

The information below was told to me in 11th grade by my high school physiology teacher. Ms. Noyes prefaced her lecture by stating, “we never talk about poop, so here is some information you should all know.” Thanks Ms. Noyes. Thank god Physiology was first period and not the period right before lunch.

“There are several things about poop that one should know.

It should float
It should be ‘mocha colored’
It should be six inches long (That’s what she said)
It should be solid (1 piece)
It should NOT leave skidmarks
There should NOT be identifiable food in it.
Everyone should go at least once a day.”

Never in my life, did I think I would be posting information about Poop. How far I’ve veered from the primrose path.


  1. lol....what's crazier is I use my "poo product" to evaliate how my diet is going...great post!

  2. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for lowering yourself to my level of humor. I appreciate it immensely. :)


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